lauantai 16. maaliskuuta 2013

25-month Toddler Update: Fixing a runaway toddler + fish bites recipe

Your Toddler Update


Toddler Taming

How to stop a bolter: fixing a runaway toddler

Take your eyes of them for a second, and they’re gone. They’re called “bolters”, and raising these adventurous tots can be a nightmare. To find out the best way to keep track of your runaway, read on…

Toddler Tempter

Lemony fish bites

These tasty fish bites are one of the easiest ways of including much-needed brain-food packed with omega 3 oils into your toddler’s diet.

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At 25 months of age ...

Simply walking may become old news after your toddler discovers the joys of running and jumping. Going for a stroll to the local park will now take on a whole new dimension as your toddler dashes around (and hopefully not onto the road!). Find out what else he can do this month.