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22-month Toddler Update: How to transition from cot to bed + apple muffin recipe

Your Toddler Update


Toddler Taming

From cot to big bed

It’s a big event moving out of the safe confines of a cot into the wide open spaces of a bed – a pinnacle moment for parents and tot. Here are 8 tips to make the transition a smooth one for all.

Toddler Tempter

Apple muffins

The perfect size for a mid-morning snack, these muffins are a tasty combination of apple, date and pecan. Delish!

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At 22 months of age ...

Your toddler's babbling should be starting to improve and some of their words may even be intelligible! Hey, some parents will see a willingness to toilet train (but don’t stress if it’s not happening) while others will be able to follow more complex instructions.

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Is there arsenic in baby formula? Fussy eating: solved! + Beyonce breastfeeds in public

Kidspot Daily



Fruit vs veggies Which delivers more nutrients to kids?


Fussy eaters Can you ever turn them around?


Mini quiches that smuggle veggies Easy to make and great for lunches


Celebrity embarrassment! Worst full frontal wardrobe malfunction ever?


Beyonce breastfeeds in public Blue Ivy eats out




Family health news

Is arsenic in your baby's formula?

Overseas news articles are reporting traces of arsenic in baby formula - should you be concerned for your baby? PLUS:

  1. Introducing a bottle to you newborn
  2. The proper way to mix baby formula
  3. Switching from breast to bottle
  4. Bottle feeding equipment - what you need
  5. Our extensive list of articles on breastfeeding
  6. Introducing solids to your baby




Fish cakes and salad

Toilet training made simple

Is your toddler is ready for toilet training? Here are the signs that he's ready and all you need to know to train him well.



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How to help her  through divorce

Your friend is separating and the divorce is imminent. Here's how to suppor her and her kids.



Need to vent with mums who get it?

Join this social group to chat, share and win great prizes while getting a few things off your chest.



Preserving those special moments

Star Concepts turns those precious memories of baby into artwork you can proudly display.



Friday: LIVE chat with psychic Julianna

Professional medium Julianna Suranyi answers your questions via pyshic reading from 12-1pm AEST.




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Aussie parents: best in the world? Get super saving tips + LIVE psychic chat this Friday

Kidspot Daily



For those with daughters: Should women aim higher?


Princess Mary feels the strain Four kids under five


Is pregnancy just like a hangover : Have your say


Get gorgeous WIN the ultimate make-up pack!


Take your time: Read the best new fiction




Chat of the day

Girl on beach

Are Aussie mums best in the world?

A childhood full of ice cream, beaches, and even Vegemite -- is it any wonder Edenland thinks Australian parents are the BEST in the world?





piggy bank

Join Savvy Spotters

These thrify mums have unearthed the best bargains and specials around, so your family can live life to the full -  on the cheap.



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Show us your #morningface

Celebrate family love with
a pic of yourself first thing in the morning - raw, real, and totally adored.



Ever wondered
about your future?

Psychic medium Julianna will be answering questions LIVE this Friday, at 12 to 1pm EST. Check it out!



Make Easter Bunny footprints

What better proof that Mr E. Bunny is real than the pawprints he left behind?
A super easy felt craft.



Easiest pavlova EVER

Cheat your way to a delicious pav piled high with cream and fresh fruit. Mmmmm...




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