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22-month Toddler Update: How to transition from cot to bed + apple muffin recipe

Your Toddler Update


Toddler Taming

From cot to big bed

It’s a big event moving out of the safe confines of a cot into the wide open spaces of a bed – a pinnacle moment for parents and tot. Here are 8 tips to make the transition a smooth one for all.

Toddler Tempter

Apple muffins

The perfect size for a mid-morning snack, these muffins are a tasty combination of apple, date and pecan. Delish!

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At 22 months of age ...

Your toddler's babbling should be starting to improve and some of their words may even be intelligible! Hey, some parents will see a willingness to toilet train (but don’t stress if it’s not happening) while others will be able to follow more complex instructions.

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