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23-month Toddler Update: How to stop whinging + tuna mornay recipe

Your Toddler Update


Toddler Taming

How to wind up the whinging - yes it CAN be done!

For parents, the sensation is similar to dragging your fingernails across a blackboard – and it’s incessant! And experts recommend that it’s a problem which needs to be nipped in the bud early. Find out how to deal with the inevitable toddler whine without going crazy.

Toddler Tempters

Tuna mornay

This velvety tuna mornay is an easy way to introduce the joys of tinned fish to toddlers who are generally highly suspicious of anything new on the menu.

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At 23 months of age ...

She’s probably enjoying playing with other kids and gaining an awareness of herself – especially her likes and dislikes. She can sing a simple song (and probably drive you nuts!) and even open doors to move about the house independently. Find out what else she can do at this age...

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