perjantai 14. kesäkuuta 2013

28-month Toddler Update: Tackling bedtime battles + sultana cake recipe

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Your Toddler Update


Toddler Taming

Help! My toddler won’t stay in bed!

If this is your SOS, it’s time to stop the bedtime battles. Many toddlers once they move to the big bed will love to explore their new-found freedom – over and over again. If your little is making more bedtime encores than Lady Ga-Ga, read on…

Toddler Tempter

Dotty sultana cake

A classic cake that’s equally tasty straight out of the oven, or tucked into a day care lunch box, this sultana cake is moist enough to last for days.


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At 28 months of age ...

After months of fighting to get clothes on your toddler each morning – you may just be surprised on day soon to discover
a fully-dressed child greeting you with a proud smile on his face! Sure, the buttons be be askew and his shorts on
backwards, but he got dressed by himself. And now all you have to do is stop him UNdressing at every opportunity! Find
out what else your toddler is getting up to this month…