torstai 30. kesäkuuta 2011

Warming winter desserts, Try this delish $10 dinner + Make your own honeycomb

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Friday 01 July, 2011 Treat | Dinner | Bake


Winter dessert

Pear and berry crumble

Wow - a dessert that's (almost) guilt-free! This crumble is sweetened with natural honey and has the goodness of oats to make the yummy topping.


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Bacon and tomato pasta

You can feed the whole family for under $10 with this tasty bacon and tomato pasta.

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Cheese and bacon scones

These cheesy scones are lovely served warm slathered with butter, or dipped into soup. Mmm...

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Your kids will go crazy over this crispy, golden honeycomb that's actually quite easy to make.

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34 weeks - baby’s first year update

Baby's First Year Kidspot

Welcome to week 34!

This Week Your Baby Is:

Recognising her own name

After taking so much care to pick the perfect name for your baby, and then spending many months just getting comfortable using her name, finally, your baby will begin to respond to her name when you use it. By recognising her own name, communication with your baby will get a little easier - by calling her name, you'll get her attention for a moment at least - and this is all the time you'll need to get in there and distract her from whatever trouble she's gotten herself into!

Discover other developments in your baby's communication.

Hot Topic:

Understanding the word 'No'

Your baby is beginning to understand the word 'no' - whether he respects and obeys it is another story. Long before he can speak the word himself, your baby will respond to the word 'no' by pausing his activity, looking at the speaker (to read the level of seriousness attached to the word) before deciding whether to ignore the request or to abide by it. You may even find that he shakes his head in response to the word.

You may also notice that your baby looks at you for a response when he does something that he expects to hear the word 'no' from you, such as throwing food. It may seem like he thinks it's a game but he'll test your reaction many times before he files away the knowledge that throwing food on the floor doesn't make you happy.

Find other ways your baby's speech and language is developing.

Kidspot Tip:


Just as you can't spoil a newborn baby, you also can't discipline a baby. While his behaviour may at times seem wilful and even perverse, trying to discipline your baby at this age is a waste of time and is likely only to upset him (and you). Babies are incapable of understanding the consequences of their actions and so are unable to make the link between the discipline you dole out, and the action or behaviour you're discouraging.

Rather than attempting discipline at this age, try distraction instead - while his memory is improving, you'll find that your baby will generally be easily distracted by alternative activities or toys.

Read more about baby discipline

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