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Reasons For Why I Can't Get Pregnant

Why can't I get pregnant? This is a question that keeps on lingering on many women's minds and bother them a great deal wondering whether they will ever get there. Though the answer might be as outright as one would expect, there are some proved reasons attributable to not conceiving a baby.

About 40% of cases are because of infertility on the side of the woman and the other 40% resides on the side of the man. Fertility usually decreases after attaining over 35 years of age and then plummets significantly after 40. The issue of weight is another cause of infertility in women. A woman with a body mass index of over 30 and under 20 has high chances of not getting pregnant. Hormonal changes also come in handy and some of health problems can be attributed to this and can cause either a decrease or an increase in fertility.

Miscarriages can reduce the chances of a woman becoming pregnant in future due to the damage caused on the cervix. The damage can also be as a result of Sexually Transmitted Diseases that are also increasingly detrimental to the woman's entire reproductive system. Fibroids have become one of the major impediments for pregnancy but the nature of the damage they can cause in the reproductive system depends on how advanced the disease has become. A pelvic inflammatory disease can also be a cause of a woman not getting pregnant.

The final advice is that if you've been asking why I cant get pregnant then you must be willing to see an obstetrician gynecologist so that more causes can be thoroughly investigated. The reason for this is that, causes such as stress at work, environmental toxins, radiation treatments, smoking and poor diet have also manifested themselves as possible causes. This is the only way of fixing the obstacles and continue experiencing the joy of motherhood.

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