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Top 100 baby names in Australia, Best kids' movies in 2012 + 7 tips for taking kids to museums

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Morning! Have you shared your #morningface photo with us? 


Taking little kids to galleries 7 must-read tips for museum and gallery visits


2012's best kids' flicks! Kidspot rounds up the must-see movies for the year ahead 


Get cooking! Inspired dinners and best baking treats


Face off: Make your own face paints at home 




Weekend idea

Fun, fold and create

8 origami how-to videos

Origami is a form of creative play that also develops mathematical thinking. Kids learn to persevere, focus and use both sides of the brain. What more could you ask for from an activity? Here are eight ideas that even little kids will enjoy.






Baby names

Australia's top 100 names

Here's the top 100 most popular baby names in Australia during 2011. Is your baby's name on the list?  PLUS:



most popular weekend tips




Best fun with kids

Here are 10+ great ideas for kids to paint and develop their inner artist.



Snack attack share!

Share the secrets of getting kids to eat veggies to win! 



Bust boredom

Kidspot has hundreds of ideas for indoor or outdoor play in Activity Corner.



Amazing women

Discover women who
have made their careers and motherhood work.




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