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27-month Toddler Update: Break a thumb-sucking habit + sausage roll recipe

Your Toddler Update


Toddler Taming

Is thumb-sucking so bad?

It was cute when she was a little baby, but now but now she’s almost 3 and her thumb is rarely out of her mouth. Find out the best ways to gently break the thumb-sucking habit.

Toddler Tempter

Homemade sausage rolls

Sausage rolls for lunch or dinner may turn an ordinary meal into Party Town, but there’s no good reason why you can’t enjoy these bite-size morsels of yum on any day of the week.


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At 27 months of age ...

While it will still be years before you can trust your child to go solo with her toothbrush, at this age your toddler can start to learn how to navigate her toothbrush around her mouth to clean those gorgeous little pearly whites. Find out what else your toddler is capable of at this age…

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