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10 Reasons to Work Out While Pregnant

Top 10 benefits of pregnancy exercise:
  • Mood lifting. Exercise increases levels of seratonin, a brain chemical linked to (happier) moods.
  • Birth prep. Labor requires stamina and focus, so the fitter you are the more endurance you’ll have when you’ll need it most.
  • Reduce constipation. One of those unfortunate side affects of pregnancy, constipation can be eased with exercise, which accelerates movement in your intestines.
  • Weight control. It’ll be easier for you to return to your pre-pregnancy weight after your baby is born since you’ll gain less body fat from exercising.

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  • Maintain fitness. If you were a regular exerciser before pregnancy, you’ll have an easier time staying in shape if you continue to exercise throughout your pregnancy (even though it’s less strenuous).
  • Reduce stress. Pregnancy is a joyful and a stressful time — exercise helps keep those mood dips in check.
  • Pain reducer. Pregnancy brings many aches and pains with it. Exercise helps alleviate back pain and strain as your belly grows.
  • Self-image booster. Exercise increases the blood flow to your skin, so that pregnancy glow of yours will be even more radiant.
  • Me-time. Savor this time for yourself — it’s the last time you’ll enjoy an hour to yourself before your baby is born.
  • Easier recovery. Exercise is a good way to prepare your body for the physical strain of labor so your post-labor recovery time could be shorter.

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