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Exercises for Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, women need to take special care of themselves. You may already know about the importance of eating well and taking your prenatal vitamins, but have you thought about your exercise routine while pregnant? Many women feel uncomfortable with the idea of working out during pregnancy. However, there are many exercises that pregnant women can safely do. By being in good shape during pregnancy, you're likely to have an easier labor and get back into shape more quickly after giving birth.

Walking is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise. Try to walk for 20 minutes at least three times a week. Strength and flexibility training are perfectly fine during pregnancy, pending you follow a few basic precautions.
Never perform exercises that are done on your back, because this puts excessive and potentially dangerous strain on your body and your baby. Also, never do squats during pregnancy, because they can cause separation of the placenta. Abdominal exercises should be avoided because they can lead to strain or injury.
Be sure to hydrate before, during and after working out. Your body, and your baby, need plenty of water. Gatorade or a comparable sports drink can also be good to replenish electrolytes lost through perspiration.
The best type of exercises for pregnant women are any that can be performed in a sitting position. For strong arms, try raises and curls with 3 lb. dumbbells. Leg extensions and lifts are fantastic for toned legs. For a strong back, try lat pull downs on a weight machine.
Yoga is great for pregnant women as well. Just make sure the yoga routine you choose is safe for pregnant women. There are many workout videos and programs including yoga that are especially designed for mothers to be. One top pick: Leisa Hart's Fit Mama Prenatal Workout. Check with your local YMCA or gym for more information about their pregnancy exercise classes. Working out with a class is fun and allows you the opportunity to socialize with other moms-to-be.
Make sure to check with your doctor before beginning an exercise program. Most pregnant women can safely work out, but your doctor needs to give you the OK following a thorough physical examination. This will ensure you and your baby stay safe and healthy. Exercise during pregnancy can be a great way to get in shape or stay in shape. Plus, you'll find that you're happier and less stressed if you take some time to exercise!

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