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Big babies! Could you give birth to 7.3kg of bub? Boy or girl: choose + Free CHOICE mag

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Wednesday 13 July, 2011    Blog | Win |   Celeb

chubby baby


Did you give birth to a BIG baby?

A new mum recently gave birth to a huge bouncing baby boy weighing in at 7.3kg! We're chatting about how we'd handle delivering a baby that big. What would you do?

boy or girl?


Are boys or girls best?

Our Kidspot mums are chatting about whether boy or girl babies are best. What's your opinion?

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This week's treasure!

Join in the fun of Kidspot Social's treasure hunts! This week we're giving away 2 trampolines a day and there are 2 cozy coupes up for grabs too! Keep your eyes on our Facebook page for daily Treasure Hunt announcements!

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