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40 weeks - baby’s first year update

Baby's First Year Kidspot

Welcome to week 40!

This Week Your Baby Is:


With your baby now understanding simple words and phrases, it's more important than ever to keep talking to her to encourage her to start using some of what she hears. By week forty, she'll be experimenting with copying the words you say - these words (that may sound nothing like your version) are her first real attempt at proper verbal communication. Always be encouraging when she uses new words and help her by keeping a running commentary of your day together - 'Let's put you in your high-chair. Now we'll put the straps on. Buckle up to keep you safe. Put your feet down. Now you're sitting down. Now I'm going to get you your lunch'. Such an immersion in language will help her label objects and get a deeper understanding of how language works.

Understand how speech and language problems present themselves in babies

Hot Topic:


With your baby fast approaching his first birthday, you may be considering putting him into some type of childcare. Whether it's because you're returning to work, or really need to be able to get a haircut, placing your baby in care can be a nerve-wracking experience. There are many styles of childcare ranging from a nanny caring for your baby in your own home, through to long daycare where a group of children ranging in age are cared for together. Whatever style of childcare you choose, make sure you're happy leaving your baby with his carer and that you fully understand the type of care he'll be getting.

Find the right childcare for you and your baby

Kidspot Tip:

Kisses and hugs

You've showered him with love and attention for his whole life thus far, and like a miracle, your baby is now beginning to show you the same kind of affection. Lots of hugs and kisses (a lot of them very slobbery!) will be showered on you and they'll make your heart melt. And ensure that you take note of this great development in your baby's journal - after all, this day is just as exciting as the day he first rolled over - so you can console yourself with these happy memories later when you're cohabiting with a moody teenager who would never deign to do something so deeply uncool as kiss his mother.

Explore your baby's emotional development

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