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6 awesome meatball recipes, Grilled peaches + Lily Allen's breastmilk shootout!

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Friday 13 January, 2011 Treat | Cook | Bake



Balls of yum: lamb + chickpea meatballs

Lamb mince, a tin of chickpeas and spices - that's all you need to feed the whole family. Serve it with some Lebanese bread or in a roll and even the kids wil eat it. MORE TASTY MEATBALL RECIPES:

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Grilled peaches

Sweet, juicy peaches are in season.
Grill them on the barbie, serve with ice-cream. Instant summer dessert.

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20-minute dinners

Beef glass noodles (above), curried sausage, chorizo pasta, chicken stir-fry, mac & cheese - all ready in 20min. INCLUDING:

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Choc chip muffins

Mmmm, muffins... perfect as afternoon treats or in lunchboxes.

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