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How to conceive a girl! Protect your kids from home accidents + Kate Hudson's bikini baby bump!

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Thursday 10 March, 2011 Health | Pregnancy | Fitness



What to eat to concieve a girl

Yearning for a little princess? If you believe this new research, diet can play a part in your developing bub's sex. Find out how to tweak your eating so you conceive a baby girl (or boy!).



Kids and accidents

Heartbreakingly, injury is the leading cause of death in children after their first birthday. Learn how to protect your kids from accidents at home.

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Postnatal workouts

Struggling to shift that baby weight? Check out these fun exercises to get your pre-baby bod back.

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Best baby sleep book

Discover the best baby sleep books, as voted by mums everywhere, in Kidspot's Best of Awards!

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