torstai 17. maaliskuuta 2011

Yummo pantry salmon cakes, Toddler-sized mini banana muffins + Suri's LOL pic

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Friday 18 March, 2011 Bake | Dinner | Make



Salmon cakes

Are you in a family dinner fix? Try these golden salmon patties. They're full of flavour, easy to make and contain ingredients likely to be hiding in your pantry.

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Oat-y raisin biscuits

If you're sick of sugary snacks filling up lunch boxes, try making these biscuits which are low in sugar, contain fibre and taste great.

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Mini banana muffins

These scrummy little mouthfuls are packed with banana, drizzled in a light yoghurt topping  and will be an instant toddler favourite.


Bake treats without turning on the oven

Don't feel like making treats for the kids using a hot or dangerous oven? With Kidspot's NEW fridge baking section, you don't have to!

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