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Should you feed a fever and starve a cold? Australia's new Carbon Tax Bill + Kids' sunglasses guide

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Thursday 13 October, 2011 Soothe | Learn | Read


Top 5 old wives tales

Should you feed a fever and starve a cold?

Discover which children's health advice is worth paying attention to. Should kids' wait an hour after eating before they swim? Can wet hair cause a cold? PLUS:

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Breakfast and weight loss

It's true - a good brekkie will help you lose weight. Check out how, plus get on-the-go breakfast options for busy mums.

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Why kids need sunnies

As the Aussie sun hots up, little eyes need reliable protection. Learn what to look for if you want to buy sunglasses to protect your kids.

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Mummy hangover cures

Kids and hangovers? Ugh! If you've had one wine too many, here's how to get back to normal fast.

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