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A guide to baby sleep, Homemade Oreo biscuits + Uma Thurman's pregnancy news

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Sleep guide Ultimate guide to baby & toddler sleep


52 weeks of grateful Join in with Maxabella Loves


Uma Thurman, 41, pregnant! Elle's ex is the lucky father-to-be


#MorningFace Have you shared your photo?


Join Baby Club Great chat, best prizes




Chat of the day

white lies

5 white lies we tell the kids

"Mummy is not 'yelling' at Daddy, she's just talking really loudly so he can hear." What little fibs have you told kids in order to protect them?




Biggest Loser live chat

Shannan - biggest loser

Shannan Ponton on Kidspot

We're hosting a live chat tomorrow night with The Biggest Loser's resident trainer Shannan Ponton. He'll be answering any questions you have about fitness, losing weight and health. Find the details here.



most popular


Are some kids missing out?

Is access to education fair for everyone in Australia? Want to know how you can help disadvantaged kids? 


Craft, cooking and ideas for the family

Learn how to decorate your own Easter eggs - or whip up a bonnet in less than a day! Kidspot has you covered.


Bonding games and fun with babies

Kidspot and Weet-Bix's Childhood Firsts group has great ideas to celebrate the fun of parenthood.


Create homemade Oreos

These crumbly biscuits taste better than the store-bought version and kids (and adults) can't resist devouring them.




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