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Frozen treats to make yourself (home-made Splice, mmm) + best Christmas gingerbread recipe

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Friday 17 December, 2010 Frozen treats | Enjoy | Bake

ice creams


Frozen treats to whip up at home

Check out the yummiest frozen delights to cool your family down this summer:

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Healthy spag bol

Cheap dinner idea

Shepherd's pie

Tender mince, rich gravy and creamy mash makes this economic classic a tasty family dinner.

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Christmas baking

Simple gingerbread

Your kids will love helping you make (and decorate!) these simple but oh-so-cute gingerbread families. A sweet gift idea, too!

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Rice cereal

Festive finger food

From mini quiches to these easy smoked salmon bites; we've got your party menu sorted with these recipes.

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