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How to make Christmas Eve special + Christmas Day games the whole family can play

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Friday 24 December, 2010 Live | Love | Laugh



How to make Christmas Eve special

Create a Christmas Eve to treasure with festive sing-a-longs, contacting loved ones, and helping your littlies leave goodies for Santa and Ruldoph. Don't forget to chomp on those treats, and make talcum 'footprints' for extra 'He's been!' proof! Check out:

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Healthy spag bol


Family fun

Entertain the kids all Christmas Day with this bevy of delightful games.

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Last minute craft gifts

Crumbs! Found out about a last minute guest? Unleash the kids on these cute crafts and - voila - they can make a present!

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Rice cereal

Christmas recipes

If you're in a sudden menu panic - DON'T STRESS! Modern, classic, or sweet; sort your festive food here.

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