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Jackie O names her bub, How much other mums spend on Christmas + Ange Jolie needs me-time

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Wednesday 15 December, 2010 Christmas | Celeb | Win

Christmas gift girl


How much will you spend this year?

A survey has revealed that parents will spend an average of $235 per child. How much will Christmas cost you this year? PLUS:

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban


Baby on the way?

Are Nicole and Keith celebrating something a little extra this Christmas? Find out why we think Nic is expecting.

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angelina jolie and family


Ange: "I'm never alone!"

Mum of 6, Angelina, says that she doesn't even get to bathe alone. When was the last time you had me-time?

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hair dye

Pregnancy no-no?

Is it OK to dye your hair whilst pregnant? Did you?

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