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Aussie, Aussie, Aussie recipes: pavlova, chiko rolls, meat pies, lamingtons + more

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Friday 21 January, 2011 Celebrate | Make | Bake



Fantastic Aussie Food!

Thrill your kids this Australia Day with some tasty Australian tucker. From choc ripple cake, to coconut ices, to meaty traditional pies - you'll have their tummies filled with national pride quicker than they can yell 'Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!".

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Anzac slice

This slice version of Anzac Biscuits contains the low GI goodness of oats with sweet golden syrup and coconut that kids will LOVE. It's also a great lunch box treat.

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Easy lamingtons

Chocolately yet suprisingly easy, these yummo coconut covered sponges will go down a treat this Australia Day.


Homemade chiko rolls

Try this simple (and healthy) take on that yummy Aussie takeaway classic.

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