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Nutritiously tempting toddler meal ideas, Woman gives birth in floods + Make yummy chocolate topping

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Friday 14 January, 2011 Treat | Make | Bake



Toddler food any fussy little eater will love

Feeding toddlers can be more challenging than taming their tantrums. But don't despair - Kidspot has nutritious and tempting toddler menu ideas sorted, like these easy salmon patties! Plus:

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Healthy fish 'n' chips

Ditch the greasy take-away joint fish and chips and make your own - that's healthy! Here's how.

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Homemade ice-cream topping

Dress up ice-cream with these delicious homemade toppings:


Oaty crisp biscuits

With only honey and raisins as natural sweeteners, these biscuits are a healthy lunch box or afternoon tea treat!

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