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14 weeks - baby’s first year update

Baby's First Year Kidspot

Welcome to week 14!

This Week Your Baby Is:

Getting up on his arm

What excitement! After months of enduring tummy time, at this age your baby will begin to learn how to raise herself up on her arms when she's on her stomach. Not only will this raise her head above the floor so that she can easily look around, but she may even attempt to get moving in an army-style crawl (where she moves her forearms forward and drags her body and legs behind).

Despite this great physical development, she is still a fair way off classic crawling - learning to get her legs in the right position and then how to manoeuvre them forward takes some serious work.

Hot Topic:

Favourite activities

Once upon a time, your baby was happy to spend time looking at anything that came within his range of vision but now he is beginning to show a preference for certain activities, toys and games.

Try to pay attention to what your baby seems to enjoy the most - you may find that he prefers to hold an empty cup than a rattle, that he enjoys the crinkling of plastic over the tinkle of bells, or that he likes to look out the window more than staring at his mobile.

While baby toys are specifically designed to engage small minds and hands, you may be surprised to discover how often 'home-made' toys are the most popular in the toy chest - your baby doesn't know (or care!) that they didn't cost you a cent and came out of the recycling bin.

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Kidspot Tip:

Pram walks

Walking your baby in the pram each day is a great way to keep her entertained - the play of light and shade as you walk under trees is endless fascinating to little eyes - and a wonderful way for you to keep fit and healthy as the same time.

Many new mums struggle to find the time in their day to exercise (which does great things for the mind as well as the body) and so joining forces with other mums to form a regular pram walking group maybe something you'd like to consider. Choose a scenic route that will accommodate your pram's wheels and take it from there… It's a great way to get out, get fit and meet other mums with babies who live in your local area.

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