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Banning bottles: will it save kids teeth? + Strengthen that pelvic floor

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Thursday 10 February, 2011 Diet | Exercise | Read

bottle feeding tooth decay


Should we ban bottles to save kids' teeth?

A leading hospital recommends parents refuse to give their children bottles (yes, even bottles of milk!) to prevent epic proportions of tooth decay in children under five years.

pelvic floor exercises


Pelvic floor workouts

Are you exercising your insides? Getting your pelvic floor in tip-top shape is necessary for your physical and emotional health - trust us! Learn more...

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Mercury in fish

Fish is loaded with good stuff to keep our kids (and us) fighting fit - but what about nasties? Discover the health risks of mercury in seafood.

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Happy parenting secrets

Discover the secrets of happy parents and how to stay on top of the days when it all feels too much.

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