torstai 22. syyskuuta 2011

46 weeks - baby’s first year update

Baby's First Year Kidspot

Welcome to week 46!

This Week Your Baby Is:

Mastering the pincer grip

She's been able to grasp objects for some time, and can pass a toy from one hand to the other, but until she's mastered the pincer grip - picking up small objects using her thumb and forefinger - her fine motor skills are limited. Once she's got a strong pincer grip, she'll be able to play with a wider range of toys as she'll have the dexterity needed to manipulate, turn, and twist smaller parts. The pincer grip will also come in handy for self-feeding - with this move under control she can now pick up finger food from a plate and guide it to her mouth. You may even find that she resists eating anything from a spoon while she's mastering this new trick. Do remember, though, that she is at greater risk now of choking because she'll still have a strong desire to mouth everything she holds - and the smaller the item, the greater the choking risk.

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Hot Topic:

Manipulating mum

At this age, the hot question at the playground is whether your baby is old enough to manipulate you. While his behaviour may tell a different story, experts all agree that a young child doesn't purposefully knowingly manipulate his parents by certain behaviours BUT (and there's always a but) if you repeatedly respond to your baby in a way that causes him to think that his actions will get a particular response, then you are teaching him to behave in a certain way - after all, your baby now has some understanding of cause and effect. So, if you want to stop your baby 'manipulating' you, then you'll have to take measures to change your own patterns of behaviour so that your baby will, in turn, modify his too.

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Kidspot Tip:

Eating things that aren’t food

With your baby's tendency to mouth everything she gets her hands, on coupled with her new abilities to move around and pick up small objects, you may be surprised (and not a little appalled) to discover her eating things that aren't food. And while she'll probably spit out anything truly vile, finding your baby with a cigarette butt in her mouth - found in the grass at the park - is a little shocking. Most things won't actually make your baby sick, but it is best to minimise this behaviour as much as you can because of the potential for harm.

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