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Avoid baby name shame, LIVE fashion advice on justb.+ Celeb umbilical cord keepsake

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Wednesday 21 September, 2011 Laugh | Win| Chat

baby crying

Baby names

Avoid the shame game: trends to avoid

Come have a chuckle as Voluptacon names and shames the silly naming trends currently making the rounds. Are you guilty of any?

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red headed child


Are mums anti redheads?

A sperm bank is refusing ginger-haired donors due to lack of demand. Tell us - if you need a sperm donor, can you be picky about hair colour?

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coat hanger

justb. chat

Get LIVE fashion advice

The Dreamery is one of Australia's premier online fashion boutiques. Join us at 8pm today for a live chat with director Sarah Pavillard about the key pieces, tips and tricks you'll need to style your perfect summer wardrobe.


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