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Sinful recipes: Deep fried Oreo cookies, Tasty sausage bake + Easy steak and creamy mushrooms

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Friday 23 September, 2011 Treat | Cook | Bake



Deep fried Oreo cookies

As Sesame Street's Cookie Monster might say: "This is a sometimes food". This recipe is about as sinful as we've ever been in the Kidspot Kitchen.  MORE NAUGHTY TREATS:

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Fast dinner

Steak with creamy mushroom sauce

Try this tasty steak dinner for a family-friendly feed that's ready in minutes.

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Tasty budget meal

Simple sausage bake

Make sausages sing with this bake-in-the-oven recipe that is ready in 30 minutes. PLUS:

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Squashed fly biscuits

Squashed fly biscuits are the perfect dried fruit snack for little boys. They'll love the name so much they won't even notice the currants inside.

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